made it sydney guys, 10 years since i was last here. I had one of those small world experiences on the flight from Bangkok to Sydney - the girls i was sitting beside, Justine, her mate Richard Barber is from Stranraer and went to school with Rachel! Anyway it just an interim up date, one more flight to catch and i'll be in NZ. Cant wait to finally get there and see all the things i,ve been imagineing for the last 10 years, mind you i dont suppose kiwi cows look any differnt in a a kiwi field than they do in a scottish one!

here we go

Well, what a fine start! My flights have been delayed, well thats what I was told but I,ve now been moved to an earlier flight and should be in London in plenty of time for the connecting flight to Sydney. In BC lounge, ad-lib food and drink, pity i'm tee total nowadays, not!

over and out



Preperation and virgin blog!


  Its only 5 days to go! I feel rather unorganised but no doubt i'll get there. Any body out there who is helping me with visits and accom etc  thanks  very much, cant wait to meet you.


 My flight schedule is as follows:


QF3493 N 16NOV          GLALHR HK1                   1715 1840  

QF 002 T 16NOV          LHRSYD HK1                  2145 0625+2  

QF 045 H 18NOV          SYDCHC HK1                 0905 1405  
JQ 156  02 Dec          CHC MEL 0615                    0805    
QF 679  02 Dec         MEL ADL                          1010    1100        
QF 081  07 Dec           ADL SIN  1400            1830   E0/333          
QF 009  07 Dec            SIN LHR  2320           0525+1
QF3478 N 08DEC          LHRGLA HK1                  1635 1800  


 My  itineray so far is:

 Day 1:arrive 18th go to Christchurch and book into hotel/ back packers depending on mood! Have look round christchurch, pickup hire car etc

 Day 2: probably going to Windflow Turbine factory (unconfirmed) 

 Day 2/3: meet up with LIC at headquarters then onto Lincoln University farms

 Day 3/4 : head down to Ashburton to meet the Mcfarlane Famiy

 Day 5 till 7: various trips kindly organised by the McFarlanes.

Day 8; head down to Invercargill to stay with O Reilly family

day 9 till 13: various trips and adventure with Soren & Sheena, maybe buy a couple of farms!

Day 13/14: back to Christchurch fly off to OZ

Day 14/15 land in Adelaide get picked up by the super shrew, roydals and Runt in the V* Mongrel, head to Ashes for the cricket and few quite beers

Day 16 to 19: Head to Coonawarra to  visit various vineyards and experience the culture and hospitlaity of Mt Kilddaroch.

Day 20: fly home

Day 21: arrive home to see my much missed girls.


 Any body reading remeber i'm a blogging virgin and havent really got a clue  what i'm up to!  Any body wanting to get in touch try my mobile or send an e mail.

see you soon




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